Hello Everyone,

This is my new Magento Community module called Advanced Admin Access.

This module possibility to configure days and period times to Magento’s backend users.

If you need for example to grant the permission an user to access the backend only during the work hours you only have to create the permissions for these days and time period, and if he try to log in another time or day the access will be denied.

Other example is the admin user X have to access only during the weekend from 08am to 11PM, you can create a custom access only for these days.

The extension is totally FREE and the source code is available on BitBucket

Any doubts or suggestion you are welcome to send me an email or contact me on Facebook or LinkedIn.

This extension is available on Magento Marketplace in this link.


Magento 1 Extension – Advanced Admin Access

Igor Ludgero

PHP & Magento Developer from Brazil.

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2 thoughts on “Magento 1 Extension – Advanced Admin Access

  1. Hi Igor!

    Great work man, congrats.
    One question, how do you handle connected users out of allowed period? For example if a user stays connected even after the end of the time you specified?

    1. Hi Max,

      in the session object in every action in the admin Magento checks if the session is valid.

      I added in this verification if the current day/period time is valid, and if is out of the permissions the session is invalidated.

      So, to use the Magento admin again the user have to log again, but he will can’t because the permission isn’t valid for the current day/period time.

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